You can dream, create, design, and build the most beautiful place in the world, but it requires people to make the dream a reality
Walt Disney

Global Head Hunting And Recruiting

Product Managers

Product managers, product design managers in various expertise including security, Cloud, Saas medical device and more 

Marketing Experts

Marketing experts, classic marketing, Digital & online marketing, PR, communication and marcom

Business Development

Business development expert aimed at new markets, new business and channels.

Sales Professionals

Sales professionals for the Israeli and international market in the high-tech arena


We specialize in professional Executive Search & headhunting processes of       C-level positions

Our Values


We cherish transparency and clarity in our interactions with candidates and employers, we provide our insights and knowledge fully

Personal touch

We work with people and we take this job personally. We are involved on both sides and give our best to create the right connection


We understand the position's requirements, The candidates abilities and we create the right match. We deliver excellence, Experience and love for people.

finding the right candidate for You

Our expertise lies in recruiting for Israeli companies in Israel and across the United States and Europe 
We meet the hiring managers the recruitment team, get to know the company and the environment 
We understand the role, its professional and human requirements 
We scan the relevant companies in the market to target for suitable candidates 
We find the suitable candidates by searching communities, various databases and our special sourcing tools 
We interview and learn about the candidate to find the best match for the position 
We interest to the candidates in  the position, get them to meet and seriously examine the oppertunity 
We accompany the organization and the candidates in the process, to create a professional and efficient process 
We are partners in creating everything required to decide on the right candidate

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